Black and White or Colour?

There are 3 main scanning methods:

Black & White

Theoretically, we would all scan in colour at a high resolution to have an exact copy of the document.  Unfortunately this creates a much bigger file (at least 10 times the size of Black and White files).  Bigger files take longer to scan, and our charging rates to you, are set on the relative time it takes us to scan your document.

Black and White
This is the standard for nearly all office document scanning as most documents are printed with black ink on white paper.  When scanning, the scanning software has a threshold of whether something is black or white.  This usually makes letters more legible, getting rid of light folds, tea stains etc.
Where it does NOT do well, is for a document with shading or photographs, as these are not either black or white, but halftones or colour

This will show shading and pictures in Black/Grey and White.
These tend to be the same size/cost as colour scanning so is only usually used to turn an old photograph that has turned Sepia over the years, back to the proper gradients of black and white.

This is more akin to a photograph of your document.
We would advise that if you feel that any information would be lost by scanning in black & white, then you should scan in colour, especially if the document may need to be used in Court and you are destroying the paper original.

We can scan at different resolutions to suit your needs, but the higher the resolution, the longer the scan process, and therefore the higher the price.

Colour documents are usually scanned at a lower resolution than photographs. As most photographs are less than half the size of a normal document this often compenates for the increased resolution

We have a Photo scanning service where we scan the front and the backs of the photograph at once to capture any information that may be written on the back. Please click here to see our section explaining photo scanning



New To Scanning?

Scanning basically involves copying hard copies of paper documents and “digitising” them into electronic files. We scan your documents as searchable PDF files. This is a worldwide standard which is free to use. It is unlikely that your PC doesn’t already have it installed, but if not you can download Adobe’s PDF reader for free by clicking here.

What do we mean by “searchable”?
Typed information (not handwritten) is converted into text that can be searched or copied by a process called OCR (Optical Character Recognition).
This information sits “under” the picture of the document that you see, and is one of the most important parts of document storage.
It means that you can search for specific word/s in a document and be taken to any pages with that/those words IMMEDIATELY.
If you are not sure where the document has been filed, you can easily search Windows.  This may take a few minutes and can be done while you get on with something else, but it certainly beats rifling through multiple filing cabinets for hours!

Our Pricing Model

The majority of our clients want simple archiving at the lowest price.

We take this as our baseline and then give you a "bolt on" price if you want anything additional to our basic scanning

Please click here to get a full explanation of pricing

Basic Scanning

We can scan your documents as either:

1 searchable PDF per lever-arch/box file or archive box, which is indexed with the name from the lever-arch/box file.

1 searchable PDF per page scanned, indexed with the name from the lever-arch/box file plus an incremental number.

Scanned in black & white at a resolution of 200 dpi. This is the industry stanfard for document scanning and is fully compliant with BIP0008 legal standard.

Documents must be flat, in good condition with no staples.
The pages should all be one size in each batch - either all
A4, A5 or A6 and all either single or double sided and be
between 80 and 120 gsm.

SharPoint Online Document Management

Our Microsoft MOS accredited developer can create a Cloud-based SharePoint Online DMS to suit your needs from simple Libraries to a workflow-centric Case management system to both create and store job items.

As we have worked on many document management systems in the past, we can advise you on the best ways to use this latest technology (SharePoint 2013/365 online).

All documents are securely stored 'in the cloud' by Microsoft. We will create your site to your specifications and from then on the running costs are paid directly to Microsoft on a per user basis.
As well as providing a world renowned document and record management system, SharePoint provides a superb collaboration site for your organisation and can also host your Intranet and Internet website at no extra cost.
Using SharePoint 2013 Online, your website can be updated and changed by your existing developers using their normal tools without them having to learn about Sharepoint.
We would also factor in a days training for your current IT gurus to be able to maintain and extend the site/s